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Novato, California 94947

Mark Summer, solo cellist, composer and co-founder of Turtle Island Quartet. Percussion and pizzicato cello techniques. Sheet music and lessons available for purchase. Winner of two Grammy awards (2005 and 2008), nominated four times, most recently in 2014.

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"Friede" by Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert, 2014.

"Friede" by Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert, 2014.


Mark is available for solo concerts and recitals with piano, trio concerts with jazz singer Tierney Sutton and guitarist Serge Merlaud, duo concerts with Polish violinist Mateusz Smoczynski, and concerto concerts, both with Mateusz and as soloist with chamber orchestra.

He teaches private cello lessons in-person and on Skype. He is also available for master classes, workshops and lecture demonstrations. 

Contact Mark here.

Tierney Sutton, Mark Summer and Serge Merlaud: For more information and the trio's performance schedule, click here.

Mark plays "Friede," a cello made by Joe Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert. To contact Joe Grubaugh or Sigrun Seifert, call 707-762-4413, or e-mail at

Mark gratefully uses the following products:

Larsen Strings: Magnacore strings

Gallien Krueger: Gallien Krueger bass amplifiers

L.R. Baggs: L.R. Baggs cello bridge pick-up and Para DI acoustic direct box and preamp with 5-band EQ

Bartlett Audio: Cello mic

Ernie Ball: Ernie Ball volume pedals