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Novato, California 94947

Mark Summer, solo cellist, composer and co-founder of Turtle Island Quartet. Percussion and pizzicato cello techniques. Sheet music and lessons available for purchase. Winner of two Grammy awards (2005 and 2008), nominated four times, most recently in 2014.


Purchase Mark Summer's sheet music as download pdfs or purchase a Skype lesson.

Pattern Language–Julie-O Concert Etude #1 Sheet Music (digital download)


Pattern Language–Julie-O Concert Etude #1 Sheet Music (digital download)


The concert etude Pattern Language was written in 2001, about 15 years after Julie-O was composed. Julie-O, a groundbreaking solo piece, written specifically for Turtle Island Quartet’s second recording, Metropolis, contains a number of non-traditional cello techniques adapted from the guitar and drums. In publishing Pattern Language, the intention is to use specifically composed etudes to shed light on some of these various passages, both to expand upon some of the techniques introduced in the piece, and to make Julie-O easier to play. Digital download.

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